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Flexible, Professional Testing With Our UK Based Digital Test Lab

Digital delivery with confidence.

Cost effective, flexible and high value functional, regression, compatibility and accessibility testing with our UK based Digital Test Lab.


Ten10’s Digital Test Lab provides solutions for customers who require professional software testing on their digital delivery programmes and projects, but don’t have the need or budget for a full-time, on-site quality and test team.

Our UK-based Lab provides cost effective, flexible, high value functional, regression, compatibility and accessibility testing to support digital change.

Whether you are delivering technology change to support business growth, have a requirement to meet industry regulations, or need to ensure an existing application will continue to work as expected against new releases, Ten10’s Digital Test Lab provides an industry leading quality and test solution.

Why Ten10?

  • Every Digital Test Lab engagement is led and managed by one of Ten10’s senior test practitioners, ensuring our customers leverage the experience of our exceptional resources, whilst benefiting from the flexibility and cost effectiveness of our teams
  • Our Lab services are fully managed, meaning that we not only own the testing services delivered to our customers, and also take responsibility for all continuity of service, including accounting for resource absence and knowledge transfer
  • Whilst the majority of Digital Test Lab testing is delivered off-site from our Leeds based Lab, we often deliver initial planning activities along with occasional checkpoints onsite with our customers.  This helps to establish relationships with key customer stakeholders, and also maintains positive working with our customer and supplier teams

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